About the Houston Herald

Houston Herald is the largest circulating weekly newspaper in south-central Missouri. Published from the Texas County seat, the Herald was founded in 1878. The Herald also publishes The Messenger, the only county-wide news and advertising product that reaches homes in the county. Herald subscribers also receive the Messenger as a section of their paper. All print ads also are included on the Herald’s website on Flyerboard. It turns your print ad into an interactive experience: Customers can send an inquiry to you, share on social websites and email, print it and even generates a map of your location.

Classifieds: The Herald’s classifieds also appear in the nearby Licking News.

Preprints: Retailers — from the major box stores to local business — capitalize weekly on the Herald’s total market coverage. It’s one simple, affordable buy for ad agencies and local businesses.

Houston Herald

Serving south-central Missouri.


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